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Future of LinkedIn – the serious access to Web

July 5, 2011

LinkedIn has superior advantages to restructure the use of Internet.

LinkedIn, LinkeDin, Link&In, Linketin, Lidl

LinkedIn basic facts first:

  1. LinkedIn is an access to Internet
  2. LinkedIn is an earnest and soberminded access to Internet
  3. There are not many inappropriate participants on LinkedIn
  4. LinkedIn represents the serious and professional dimension on the internet
  5. There is no special progress in LinkedIn business (model, opportunities, evolution).

LinkedIn disadvantages:

  1. Basically nobody uses LinkedIn as the main access to Internet
  2. Basically you can’t use LinkedIn for anything (useful, interesting, conducive, epochal)
  3. Basically LinkedIn is for snooping
  4. LinkedIn allows only passive basking in dilute publicity
  5. LinkedIn is the diligent and veiled Stasi of business prying.

Some branding problems of LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn in its written form looks like Linkedlin
  2. Pronunciation of LinkedIn is too close to Lidl or Linktin or Linkdin
  3. LinkeDin is much better or Link&in or Link&IN
  4. LinkedIn is a dead man walking (for us dead men walking)
  5. Well, LinkedIn is not a brand, it is telephone catalogue.

How to help LinkedIn? Here some ideas:

  1. LinkedIn´s access dimension to Internet has to be restructured and reformed
  2. LinkedIn needs gravity categorization and classification
  3. LinkedIn needs “facebookization” (lock in effect through everyperson´s soberminded base added with full and semi-serious dimensions of interests)
  4. LinkedIn has to be transformed and morphed to become a brand
  5. LinkedIn needs full strategy update to go ahead with TAIC-SIMO business model
  6. LinkedIn needs technology, media and channel partners
  7. LinkedIn could be my favorite beside SNOOKII group in TAIC-SIMO (SNOOKII equals Sony + News Corp. + Orange + Oracle + Kodak + Intel)
  8. LinkedIn brand clarification and refresh program (to diminish telephone catalogue and dead man walking effects).

TAIC-SIMO business model. Look how alone LinkedIn is sandwiched amongst googles and techcrunches. LinkedIn has to find partners from Interest, Channel and Screen businesses. Otherwise LinkedIn has MSN and Yahoo kind of downfall. Maybe RIM+Vodafone+Vivendi+Hitachi+LinkedIn?

So, the LinkedIn advantage to to restructure the use of Internet is in strengthening and widening its Access dimension in TAIC-SIMO model. Also LinkedIn would be one of the few respectable hosts for a new TAIC-SIMO consortium (the old ones are Apple and Google, some potential candidates are Microsoft-Yahoo-Skype-Nokia and Amazon, but unfortunately not my favorite SNOOKII).

10th Dec 2011,  Juhani RiskuInari Lapland