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Yahoo to build the third ecosystem

March 21, 2013

Mobile approaches are the core of ecosystem thinking in today’s digital communication. There are three different approach patterns:

  1. Present winners try to survive (Apple, Samsung, Google)
  2. Our braggart loser is swaggering (Microsoft-Nokia, Motorola-Google, Sony…)
  3. Totally new actor coming to revolutionize the business (Lenovo, Yahoo, Iliad, Fujitsu, Ericsson).

But what are Yahoo’s chances out there?

Picture “Our straight-faced coeval Batwoman, Marissa. Marissa Mayer is the only noble and charming person of the Internet era. She fights for the greater good and better world. View houseofgeekery and J.H. Williams.

Yahoo CEO’s, Marissa Mayer’s, strategy is sharp in its ostensible disharmony. But she knows more than we: Yahoo has a very successful future. But how? This is the order of command:

1. Personnel

Luckily Marissa has started her GRO program at Yahoo. The same would have saved Nokia from Microsoft’s bootcamp. Did anyone read “How to Rescue Nokia“ on the palindromic day 1102-2011 (11th of Feb 2011)?

Marissa’s actions have certain specific goals and reasons.

  • Remote employees don’t need any luxury to stay at home or in cafés “to create a new Yahoo”. Working together means commitment means 10-15 hours per day means quicker results. Yahoo:Remote employees are unefficient.”
  • Today’s old school is a mixture of hipster logic and arrogant stupidity working with Apple products. Like creativity would pop up from Apple gadgetry! No, best companies don’t fool with hard work.
  • Yahoo needs to get rid of 30 % of present staff and replace them with 500 talented persons only (like Risku’s GRO Program at Nokia). The only possible procedure is Marissa’s “Paperwork”. It means that the recruitment process is up and running and most of the bimbos “are occupied”. So two moron groups are eliminated. Now we have time to combine three ongoing flows: Get Rid Of GRO + Talent Screening TAS + Nomination into Programs NIPGRO+TAS+NIP is a formula which ensures quickest simultaneous method to slim and refresh Yahoo.

2. Business focus

Yahoo’s business focus has been built during the “Mosaic and Floppy Disk Era” of the Internet. In search and advertisement businesses there is nothing for Yahoo anymore. Marissa knows it and she is a brisk wind for the future:

  • Yahoo has beenThe Portal Porn Shop” (weight on words Web Portal and its PixelPorn). Now it tries “personalization across content and ads PACA”. Marissa knows that under those magic words there are no business opportunities for Yahoo. Therefore the PACA strategy is just to bluff competitors and the media (Marissa bluffing the media). The real business opportunities are in TAIC-SIMO model leadership and InterestMachineTM products. Also new search abstractions kill the algorithm-snotty-boy (ASB) cross-matrix stalker searches
  • Marissa has something bigger to come: She wants 1) leadership position in Ecosystems, 2) to define and own next generation Devices and UI, and 3) she wants a new Search paradigm. The idea is that you don’t need to own the business, you have to lead it. Ownership follows.

3. Ecosystem

Winner-takes-it-all is a strategy: The winner defines the game and its rules. The winner changes the game and scores. The winner eates and swallowes or swallowes and digests. To be eaten and swallowed. That’s ecosystem (Ecosystem is not a good place for e.g. Nokia). What is TAIC-SIMO and Yahoo together:

  • TAIC-SIMO is more than an ecosystem
  • TAIC-SIMO is practice and engineering, not depiction like “ecosystem”. Ecosystem is talk and supposition.
  • TAIC-SIMO is very functional: today Apple, Google and Amazon have profitable businesses according to the model, Microsoft tries to get on the track with Nokia-Yammer-Skype
  • Yahoo can be the TAIC-SIMO player which takes 30% of Apple’s and Google´s businesses and kills Microsoft’s intentions.

4. Devices & UI

Communication machine regeneration cycle is 10 years. The last big things happened 1997 and 2007. We got first Nokia’s and then Apple’s change maker phones. Year 2017 is the next moment and Yahoo is there:

  • Nokia’s model 2110i (year 1997) and Apple’s iPhone (2007) have been revolutionary. The 2110i UI still lives in Nokia’s S40 Asha models and iPhone is still the most profitable smartphone.
  • 2017 is watershed for new devices and UIs. Chart “Reality-Knowledge-Media Device Evolution” shows how hard it is for Microsoft (Nokia), Apple and Google to keep up with the evolution (MS-Nokia the drunk or sober bovine, Apple the degenerated jogger, Google the long necked propellerhead). The rainmaker is the InterestMachine™ consortium.

Year 2017 is very realistic to launch InterestMachine™ One. Why are Apple, Google and Samsung not (NOT) working with such ideas? Well, Nokia just launched a back cover for Lumia 620, Apple is copying their iPhone 4 to create iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, Samsung is copying their Galaxy II to get the III and IIII, IIIII, IIIIII and IIIIIII. Mobile device business has saturated and stupefied. Its time to change the rules.

As you see, the industry has reached the paradise and highest level is to copy oneself or make back covers. If I worked with Marissa I would propose negotiations with Sony to combine TAIC-SIMO and InterestMachine™. Yahoo and Sony are sharing the same fate in business success, therefore they fit together. Year 2017 is both near and far enough to arrange all TAIC-SIMOInterestMachine™ components perhaps with Fujitsu. Unfortunately one of the great companies, Ericsson, is on their arrogance path. Ericsson could be the first telecommunications network company to handle TAIC-SIMO and it could be the fourth member of the winner team. Maybe Ericsson wants to restructure their own business before Huawei does it?!

5. Search

Search is definitely one of the most important phenomena of the Internet but also of Yahoo. It is very funny that Google can’t see what’s next in search! They are just fine-tuning algorithms and sewing Web badges on people’s inner garments to mark them. Future search is approaching the next abstraction and the pattern is triple logarithmic, or even more:

  • Search has to be dynamic and based on a new abstraction of data. This means that today’s data and its descriptions through code and screens just saturated into “Clouds” and “User Experience”
  • The New Search is MIST+AR+AI+VR+IOP+4D (Hidden in chart) … (contact Risku to know more)
  • Future search does not stalk, delude, profile, advertise, mark or nose around. Here Google and Bing-Microsoft inevitably fail.

Reasons for Marissa’s present leadership & communication model:

  • She is totally alone at Yahoo without any relevant talents and leaders in-house (a GRO + Paperwork is really needed)
  • Plan B to come: Yahoo to become TAIC-SIMO + InterestMachineTM + Search rebel
  • Yahoo needs a Consortium to cooperate with. Marissa needs companies from TAIC-SIMO reservoirs (Sony, Fujitsu and Ericsson are my favorites)
  • Yahoo needs dog-kennel-management to oust old farts, wannabe “leaders” and mediocre “engineers” and “designers
  • Recruitment campaign: Marissa needs trusted visionaries and practical talents, a team of 5-9 person each one NOT from the pompous Web-Tech-Media ex-C-level pitiful moron wasteland.

Yahoo is credible enough to restructure its own business and revolutionize the Search, the Web and respective devices. Marissa Mayer is the Batwoman of future interests who can pull together people and companies for next generation interests and lead the vision, design and practices.

Juhani Risku, the InterestMachine man.

P.S. Facebook is the “Who company“, Google is the “What company“, Nokia wants to be the “Where company“. Yahoo from its “Y” is the “Why company“. Why is the most important question to ask and answer. That’s where Yahoo is coming to be.


P.P.S. This is not funny: If Nokia wants to be the “Where company” fate is sometimes so ferocious. In the lap of the gods some day soon we have to ask “Where is Nokia?” I have done so much work to keep Nokia independent and strong so why not just try to become a normal company?



Maths for the Web, Tech and Media — priority list

February 26, 2012

Change can be envisioned, planned and executed…

… but you need visionary planners for execute. And there is a limited pool of Leonardian persons with street credibity and leadership talent to be recruited. But why do we increasingly recruit chatterboxes and bimbos?

Change has different grades and phases:

  • Patching up, symbianing to death, tremulous leadership and execution
  • Addition, adding forgotten code, “engineering”
  • Enhancement, facelift, perfuming, prettification, sissy issue
  • Upgrade, versioning, bug correction, clock speeding, new font, logo refresh
  • Development, “academic engineering”, MBA driven disaster
  • Evolution, external forces affect, things happen
  • Abstraction shift, transformation of fundamentals
  • Abstraction lift, next orbit, new dimension.

Patching, adding, facelifts and upgrades are the first signals of chosen pattern to lose. When a company’s strategic agenda is based on easy ways and gradual progress the downfall is knocking on the door.

Development is a corporate term where creation and diligence and leadership are outsourced, to nobody. Development is always too slow, roadmaps are “cautious”, nobody has mandate, nobody leads, nobody cares. Development is graveyard of ideas, passion and life.

Evolution is a free fall, it just happens out there. Evolution is big sister of development. Nobody envisions and leads evolution and still it is one of the main driftwood to take good grip.

Abstraction shift and lift are the only vehicles for success. Those are very unusual methods because the leaders in the companies should be competent visionaries, courageous and active, and committed. Only few companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are capable to rely on abstracion shift and lift. It’s too risky. This is purely a leadership problem and that’s the reason for constant fall of nearly every company. Companies rather destroy themselves than hire competent visionaries with street credibility to redirect their business abstraction.


  • Chatterbox, native language speaker, blinded by power, usually MBA or similar superficial personality, historical cousins: politicians, psychopaths, Mussolini, Hitler, persons with one common feature: flood of words + lying + treachery + pretension + kim-jong-illing (or kim-jong-unning).
  • Bimbo (in professional context), man or woman elevated to a position the bimbo never would elevate herself/himself. Example of extreme simpletons finding each other (recruiter, recruit, team mates, organization, company, company strategy, company prospects, nation, country, coevals, workmates). Bimbo professional usually a man who is emotionally attractive in jargon and has a low bashfulness and modesty, but superficially suitable education. Bimbo professional appeal to incompetent superiors and recruitment leads usually to business insest (a.k.a. recruitment nepotism, prof. Ole Lange). Famous bimbos (AngBr, HwStr, MaHat, RoGan, TaHal, HP CEOs).
  • Coevals and workmates, they just don’t care. Famous bigwigs and notables of this kind allowing simpletons to destroy common achievements: Greeks, Germans and coevals globally of the Hitler era, Kodak personnel, Saab personnel).

New paradigms  suprises and mutations

Today’s successors fail because they can’t handle next epoch which favours altruism, voluntariness, art, drama, quality, critique, loyalty and trust. Success and business follows.

Abstraction shift & lift, quality, design, creation, altruism, Juhani Risku Nokia Ivalo architect

Every phenomenon has its pattern to perfection

Perfection has four steps: Primitive, traditional, modern and futuristic, Prim-Trad-Mod-Fut. First you are thirsty, then you develop drinks, drinks cultivated to cognac. You end up to raise the glass for sanctification. This pattern is an unstoppable caterpillar in evolution of civilisation.


Chart Evolution of phenomena 1. Two examples of phenomena becoming perfect. Drinking ends up to raise the glass, dwelling goes through architecture to sensual spaces. Any ennobling and refining process confronts forces against life, forces of conservatism and NIMBY lifestyle.

The Primitive phase is birth and DNA creation stage of phenomena. The first stress test happens in Traditional stage. Here regression, insult and destruction slams. Modern gives hope and opens new opportunities. Futuristic consummates the phenomenon.


Chart Evolution of phenomena 2. More refining patterns. Obstacles like organised education, political play, MBA governance model and “engineering” cause decadence and even kills evolution. Tradition distorts evolution and debilitates the DNA of phenomena. Tradition is the worst human invention ever.

If  Tradition could be bypassed the Modern would offer more extensively voluptuous features for coevals.

Challenges for 2013-2017: new abstractions, leadership shifts, drama, altruism, trust

1. Abstraction shifts and lifts, new paradigms

  • The only way to succeed is to shift and lift company’s business abstraction (not to cannibalise your own business)
  • iPhone was a shift from Nokia’s traditional mobile phone thinking to modern level
  • iPhone was not a lift of abstraction. To lift abstraction of mobile phones happens through formula VR + MIST UI + context awareness + tactile & sensual search + DNA of knowledge + SW development lift + Creative Community + Users trusting the actors
  • Abstraction lift is the next profitable model in media, technology and Internet businesses
  • Leadership: Ramp down MBA education, start Leonardian leadership program, fire all bimbo CEOs, bimbo SVPs, bimbo VPs, bimbo directors, bimbo politicians, bimbo presidents, bimbo prime ministers….

2. Screen-Internet-Media-Operator businesses (TAIC-SIMO model)

  • Every respectable company tries to build (at least partly) functioning SIMO model – Apple has the best functioning machine of SIMO model, Google close to Apple with a bit different angle
  • Sony would have best opportunities but they stumble with (stupid) PlayStation gaming
  • Samsung is a potential company to widen its business to Internet and media (from screens to Internet and media)
  • Suprises to wait for: Oracle, Intel, Fujitsu, Virgin etc. might penetrate to new business areas a.k.a. “Abstraction shift” (with strategic alliances, acquisitions, partnerships, consortiums)
  • Clearer ecosystem thinking clarifies where different companies are and what  their future prospects could be (
  • Advertisement spearheading communication and media has to be stopped ( “Why and how to bypass Google and Facebook with new search and social media solutions” as agenda to save our civilization
  • One new TAIC-SIMO alliance can revolutionize the future of Web, search and social media through trust, micropayments and UCC/UGC User Created/Generated content, Carrier/Operator activism, new contextual MIST UI and dynamic information visualisation.

There are two potential wonderworkers in Screen-Internet-Media-Operator chain who can make a difference in the business: the Media and the Operator. Why could those two losers make any difference? Because they are losing the most. Operators (mobile network operators) become day after day carcasses of the chain and they mutate into janitors of digital pipeline clean-up. Media has several dimensions of structural failures:

  1. Outdated print media withers away
  2. Free Web content
  3. News on the Internet
  4. Disastrous excesses: News of the World
  5. Operators (mobile network carriers) become digital pipeline janitors
  6. Operators tried to arrange media and content business but they failed.

3. New abstractions for Search and Social Media new abstractions

  • No consumer data gathering, no digital sniffing and snooping
  • Trust first, business follows
  • No cookies, no hostile and deceitful algorithms, consumers and business follow
  • More local administration and legal follow-up to Search and Social Media (no supranational hidden algorithms).

This movement prepares an epoch-making revolution to Web search and social media businesses. Billion dollar money flow changes direction from hostile and deceitful companies to egalitarian and trusted partners. As an example, Google and Facebook can be replaced by some corporations which after years of deprivation and theft start to reform. In other words, if News Corporation faces rebirth and restructures its business models it can be a trusted convener and host for successful Internet, media and technology consortium. Everyone needs a last chance to correct mistakes.

4. Organizations and Leadership

  • Smaller leadership teams to envisioning, product/service creation, design, prototyping, top team size 15-30 persons, led by Creative Officer with street credibility and proven competence (no bimbos in billion dollar business NOBIBI-DOBU)
  • Fragmented and muddled innovation and design models are outdated: you can’t lead a company with 5-10 research centers, design centers, innovation centers. Apple’s model is better: fewer persons and one site is more effective model than thousands of mediocre specialists led by bimbo directors and executives (like Nokia, Sony, followed soon by Huawei, LG, HTC…)
  • The most difficult global problem is to find creative leaders. There are 6-10 individuals from which 4 are committed to their own companies (so only 2-6 eligible leaders are available)
  • The creative leader problem besets Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony, Huawei, Intel, HP, Oracle, News Corp., TimeWarner, Orange, Verizon, Vodafone…)
  • We need globally one (ONE) university to start a leadership program with totally new agenda to educate “Leonardian leaders” (it means non-MBA, non-Bimbo, non-Pompous, non-Corporation philosophy and grip).

5. User Interface  Fully contextual UI with VR, AI, SOM, 4D (MIST UI)

  • Understandability and structure of knowledge first, UI follows
  • Hermeneutic UI model
  • Screen abstraction shift & lift (MIST UI)
  • Abstraction shift & lift needed in university research and education.

Interfaces link people to essence of things, universes, knowledge and understanding. User interface is “My-connection-to-existence” which has been discarded in HCI and MMI, Human-Computer Interaction and ManMachine Interaction. Next generation interfaces need abstraction lift, Interfacelift.

24th Feb 2012,  Juhani Risku, Helsinki Finland

Big changes in Screen — Internet — Media — Operator businesses

February 20, 2012

Juhani Risku

What´s happening in mobile media industry?

Microsoft got Nokia for free, with zero dollars. HP got Palm and Meego and lost its focus. Sony kicks Ericsson out. Amazon adopts Android. Google takes Motorola. Samsung is strong but adrift. Apple rules through its systemic solution in products, services and content covering screens, Internet, media and operators.

Media, technology, Internet and operator businesses are facing  fundamental restructuring in organizing their dependencies. Here some examples:


1. Amazon + Kindle + Android going towards TAIC-SIMO businesses.

Result: Nearly follows Apple model; needs Access dimension; Operators love Amazon; Amazon gets easily Tech & SW partners; Amazon has Bezos as CCO.

But:  Amazon needs more media and wider Internet Access, more Screens and better Technology support

Solution: Amazon to build consortium with old media, technology, SW and establish new and wider Internet Access.


2. Sony+phones going towards TAIC-SIMO model.

Result: Nearly follows Apple model; needs Access dimension; Operators love Sony brand; Sony gets easily Tech & SW partners

But:  Sony  is  missing CCO, vision and leadership

Solution: Start from CCO, success follows.


3. Microsoft + Nokia + Skype towards TAIC-SIMO

But: Operator dimension is threathened; Skype is only technical Access, real Web access missing; No media dimension; MS & Nokia are harmful brands; Intel´s revenge is coming, competitors are very aggressive; hostile atmosphere around MS-Nokia; All reservoirs hate MS-Nokia, Media hates MS-Nokia.


4. HP + Palm + Meego towards TAIC-SIMO

What´s up: Big picture problem; disastrous leadership; Media, Access and Operator dimensions missing

Result: Palm adrift; HP restructure, Meego left alone.


5. Ideal TAIC-SIMO Consortium SNOOKII

This is the winner: Sony + News + Orange + Oracle + Kodak + Intel + Internet Access (new) SNOOKII.

Vision: SNOOKII group has widest overlap, best brands and challenger roles; New Access dimension to be established, don´t buy any of present Access companies, create a new one; Operational readiness in 6 months; strong CCO needed with absolute mandate; SNOOKII needs MIST UI


Charts above show some new consortiums and one big HP disaster. Amazon opens TAIC-SIMO business war by presenting Kindle Fire and collaboration with Google´s Android. Amazon is one of the most stable Internet Access companies but they need wider footprint to Internet services than books only. Amazon´s next move has to be towards news, films, videos and User Created/Generated Content UCC/UGC.

Sony is coming back to business. Ericsson can keep their networks and clouds but gadgets are Sony´s. Chart 5 shows Sony´s real strength: acting in three differnt dimensions makes Sony a strong host for TAIC-SIMO model consortium.

As Udayan Banerjee writes in his blog Do you see a pattern about mobile media and technology patterns, he really means that there is a clear focus and process to sustain in the businesses.

October, 12th 2011

Juhani Risku

Future of LinkedIn – the serious access to Web

July 5, 2011

LinkedIn has superior advantages to restructure the use of Internet.

LinkedIn, LinkeDin, Link&In, Linketin, Lidl

LinkedIn basic facts first:

  1. LinkedIn is an access to Internet
  2. LinkedIn is an earnest and soberminded access to Internet
  3. There are not many inappropriate participants on LinkedIn
  4. LinkedIn represents the serious and professional dimension on the internet
  5. There is no special progress in LinkedIn business (model, opportunities, evolution).

LinkedIn disadvantages:

  1. Basically nobody uses LinkedIn as the main access to Internet
  2. Basically you can’t use LinkedIn for anything (useful, interesting, conducive, epochal)
  3. Basically LinkedIn is for snooping
  4. LinkedIn allows only passive basking in dilute publicity
  5. LinkedIn is the diligent and veiled Stasi of business prying.

Some branding problems of LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn in its written form looks like Linkedlin
  2. Pronunciation of LinkedIn is too close to Lidl or Linktin or Linkdin
  3. LinkeDin is much better or Link&in or Link&IN
  4. LinkedIn is a dead man walking (for us dead men walking)
  5. Well, LinkedIn is not a brand, it is telephone catalogue.

How to help LinkedIn? Here some ideas:

  1. LinkedIn´s access dimension to Internet has to be restructured and reformed
  2. LinkedIn needs gravity categorization and classification
  3. LinkedIn needs “facebookization” (lock in effect through everyperson´s soberminded base added with full and semi-serious dimensions of interests)
  4. LinkedIn has to be transformed and morphed to become a brand
  5. LinkedIn needs full strategy update to go ahead with TAIC-SIMO business model
  6. LinkedIn needs technology, media and channel partners
  7. LinkedIn could be my favorite beside SNOOKII group in TAIC-SIMO (SNOOKII equals Sony + News Corp. + Orange + Oracle + Kodak + Intel)
  8. LinkedIn brand clarification and refresh program (to diminish telephone catalogue and dead man walking effects).

TAIC-SIMO business model. Look how alone LinkedIn is sandwiched amongst googles and techcrunches. LinkedIn has to find partners from Interest, Channel and Screen businesses. Otherwise LinkedIn has MSN and Yahoo kind of downfall. Maybe RIM+Vodafone+Vivendi+Hitachi+LinkedIn?

So, the LinkedIn advantage to to restructure the use of Internet is in strengthening and widening its Access dimension in TAIC-SIMO model. Also LinkedIn would be one of the few respectable hosts for a new TAIC-SIMO consortium (the old ones are Apple and Google, some potential candidates are Microsoft-Yahoo-Skype-Nokia and Amazon, but unfortunately not my favorite SNOOKII).

10th Dec 2011,  Juhani RiskuInari Lapland