Juhani Risku is…

     Juhani Risku, architect Nokia Innovation Center Ivalo

Mr. Juhani Risku is a design and product creation strategist to improve design driven corporations´ businesses. Design and product creation first – success follows. Leadership by design, by example and from the front.

Making strategies for owners and controlling shareholders (investment banks) to reorganize corporations. Strategy focus is in vision, design, product/service creation, creative organization and leadership. Risku envisions, plans and executes abstraction and paradigm shifts to present businesses to gain new leadership.

Risku Consortium is a global and virtual team of 60 senior leaders to co-operate in helping corporations, shareholders/owners and controlling shareholders to restructure and develop their businesses to be more profitable. Tool for restructuring is “abstraction shift of present business model”. It is product/service creation upgrade, leadership change from Peter Principle persons to professionals, agile/lean processes to concepting, quicker design and acceleration to implementation and launch.

Juhani Risku and New Nokia – the Manuscript

Juhani Risku and keynote presentation in LESS2010 PDF 3,5 Mb

Juhani Risku and Segway in the biggest Finnish newspaper/monthly HS

11_Juhani_Risku_Architecture_47_Maison-Bjork_Latrabjarg_Iceland_Island_1990  11_Juhani_Risku_Architecture_47_Villa_Runo_Dream_Mehamn_Norway_2011   11_Juhani_Risku_Architecture_23-47_Nokia_Innovation_Center_Dream_House_Nakkala_Finland_1986-2008

Juhani Risku´s architecture

Juhani Risku on Google

Juhani Risku´s Design mathematics (formulas in English)



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