Yahoo to build the third ecosystem

March 21, 2013

Mobile approaches are the core of ecosystem thinking in today’s digital communication. There are three different approach patterns:

  1. Present winners try to survive (Apple, Samsung, Google)
  2. Our braggart loser is swaggering (Microsoft-Nokia, Motorola-Google, Sony…)
  3. Totally new actor coming to revolutionize the business (Lenovo, Yahoo, Iliad, Fujitsu, Ericsson).

But what are Yahoo’s chances out there?

Picture “Our straight-faced coeval Batwoman, Marissa. Marissa Mayer is the only noble and charming person of the Internet era. She fights for the greater good and better world. View houseofgeekery and J.H. Williams.

Yahoo CEO’s, Marissa Mayer’s, strategy is sharp in its ostensible disharmony. But she knows more than we: Yahoo has a very successful future. But how? This is the order of command:

1. Personnel

Luckily Marissa has started her GRO program at Yahoo. The same would have saved Nokia from Microsoft’s bootcamp. Did anyone read “How to Rescue Nokia“ on the palindromic day 1102-2011 (11th of Feb 2011)?

Marissa’s actions have certain specific goals and reasons.

  • Remote employees don’t need any luxury to stay at home or in cafés “to create a new Yahoo”. Working together means commitment means 10-15 hours per day means quicker results. Yahoo:Remote employees are unefficient.”
  • Today’s old school is a mixture of hipster logic and arrogant stupidity working with Apple products. Like creativity would pop up from Apple gadgetry! No, best companies don’t fool with hard work.
  • Yahoo needs to get rid of 30 % of present staff and replace them with 500 talented persons only (like Risku’s GRO Program at Nokia). The only possible procedure is Marissa’s “Paperwork”. It means that the recruitment process is up and running and most of the bimbos “are occupied”. So two moron groups are eliminated. Now we have time to combine three ongoing flows: Get Rid Of GRO + Talent Screening TAS + Nomination into Programs NIPGRO+TAS+NIP is a formula which ensures quickest simultaneous method to slim and refresh Yahoo.

2. Business focus

Yahoo’s business focus has been built during the “Mosaic and Floppy Disk Era” of the Internet. In search and advertisement businesses there is nothing for Yahoo anymore. Marissa knows it and she is a brisk wind for the future:

  • Yahoo has beenThe Portal Porn Shop” (weight on words Web Portal and its PixelPorn). Now it tries “personalization across content and ads PACA”. Marissa knows that under those magic words there are no business opportunities for Yahoo. Therefore the PACA strategy is just to bluff competitors and the media (Marissa bluffing the media). The real business opportunities are in TAIC-SIMO model leadership and InterestMachineTM products. Also new search abstractions kill the algorithm-snotty-boy (ASB) cross-matrix stalker searches
  • Marissa has something bigger to come: She wants 1) leadership position in Ecosystems, 2) to define and own next generation Devices and UI, and 3) she wants a new Search paradigm. The idea is that you don’t need to own the business, you have to lead it. Ownership follows.

3. Ecosystem

Winner-takes-it-all is a strategy: The winner defines the game and its rules. The winner changes the game and scores. The winner eates and swallowes or swallowes and digests. To be eaten and swallowed. That’s ecosystem (Ecosystem is not a good place for e.g. Nokia). What is TAIC-SIMO and Yahoo together:

  • TAIC-SIMO is more than an ecosystem
  • TAIC-SIMO is practice and engineering, not depiction like “ecosystem”. Ecosystem is talk and supposition.
  • TAIC-SIMO is very functional: today Apple, Google and Amazon have profitable businesses according to the model, Microsoft tries to get on the track with Nokia-Yammer-Skype
  • Yahoo can be the TAIC-SIMO player which takes 30% of Apple’s and Google´s businesses and kills Microsoft’s intentions.

4. Devices & UI

Communication machine regeneration cycle is 10 years. The last big things happened 1997 and 2007. We got first Nokia’s and then Apple’s change maker phones. Year 2017 is the next moment and Yahoo is there:

  • Nokia’s model 2110i (year 1997) and Apple’s iPhone (2007) have been revolutionary. The 2110i UI still lives in Nokia’s S40 Asha models and iPhone is still the most profitable smartphone.
  • 2017 is watershed for new devices and UIs. Chart “Reality-Knowledge-Media Device Evolution” shows how hard it is for Microsoft (Nokia), Apple and Google to keep up with the evolution (MS-Nokia the drunk or sober bovine, Apple the degenerated jogger, Google the long necked propellerhead). The rainmaker is the InterestMachine™ consortium.

Year 2017 is very realistic to launch InterestMachine™ One. Why are Apple, Google and Samsung not (NOT) working with such ideas? Well, Nokia just launched a back cover for Lumia 620, Apple is copying their iPhone 4 to create iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, Samsung is copying their Galaxy II to get the III and IIII, IIIII, IIIIII and IIIIIII. Mobile device business has saturated and stupefied. Its time to change the rules.

As you see, the industry has reached the paradise and highest level is to copy oneself or make back covers. If I worked with Marissa I would propose negotiations with Sony to combine TAIC-SIMO and InterestMachine™. Yahoo and Sony are sharing the same fate in business success, therefore they fit together. Year 2017 is both near and far enough to arrange all TAIC-SIMOInterestMachine™ components perhaps with Fujitsu. Unfortunately one of the great companies, Ericsson, is on their arrogance path. Ericsson could be the first telecommunications network company to handle TAIC-SIMO and it could be the fourth member of the winner team. Maybe Ericsson wants to restructure their own business before Huawei does it?!

5. Search

Search is definitely one of the most important phenomena of the Internet but also of Yahoo. It is very funny that Google can’t see what’s next in search! They are just fine-tuning algorithms and sewing Web badges on people’s inner garments to mark them. Future search is approaching the next abstraction and the pattern is triple logarithmic, or even more:

  • Search has to be dynamic and based on a new abstraction of data. This means that today’s data and its descriptions through code and screens just saturated into “Clouds” and “User Experience”
  • The New Search is MIST+AR+AI+VR+IOP+4D (Hidden in chart) … (contact Risku to know more)
  • Future search does not stalk, delude, profile, advertise, mark or nose around. Here Google and Bing-Microsoft inevitably fail.

Reasons for Marissa’s present leadership & communication model:

  • She is totally alone at Yahoo without any relevant talents and leaders in-house (a GRO + Paperwork is really needed)
  • Plan B to come: Yahoo to become TAIC-SIMO + InterestMachineTM + Search rebel
  • Yahoo needs a Consortium to cooperate with. Marissa needs companies from TAIC-SIMO reservoirs (Sony, Fujitsu and Ericsson are my favorites)
  • Yahoo needs dog-kennel-management to oust old farts, wannabe “leaders” and mediocre “engineers” and “designers
  • Recruitment campaign: Marissa needs trusted visionaries and practical talents, a team of 5-9 person each one NOT from the pompous Web-Tech-Media ex-C-level pitiful moron wasteland.

Yahoo is credible enough to restructure its own business and revolutionize the Search, the Web and respective devices. Marissa Mayer is the Batwoman of future interests who can pull together people and companies for next generation interests and lead the vision, design and practices.

Juhani Risku, the InterestMachine man.

P.S. Facebook is the “Who company“, Google is the “What company“, Nokia wants to be the “Where company“. Yahoo from its “Y” is the “Why company“. Why is the most important question to ask and answer. That’s where Yahoo is coming to be.


P.P.S. This is not funny: If Nokia wants to be the “Where company” fate is sometimes so ferocious. In the lap of the gods some day soon we have to ask “Where is Nokia?” I have done so much work to keep Nokia independent and strong so why not just try to become a normal company?