Media, Technology and Web predictions for 2012

February 29, 2012

Consumer awareness, evils suffocated, design breakthrough, Screen saturation, philosophical bases, Leadership version 3.0

Screen business, Positive trends 2012, Juhani Risku Ivalo, uusi Nokia architect

Juhani Risku’s eight predictions for 2012:

  • A. Ever more global tech-media-Web companies try to access TAIC-SIMO businesses
  • B. Screen business is going to saturate, China & Taiwan & Korea are strong, old farts stall
  • C. Success through new abstractions & leadership, less bimbos hired
  • D. Design is way more important than forming plastic and
  • E. Ecosystem thinking needs to be clarified, there is no third horse
  • F. Philosophical movement to clarifiy intentions and actions on the Internet
  • G. Google and Facebook are challenged by decent and transparent business models
  • H. Hostile and deceitful gathering of consumer data comes to the end of the road

Screen business, Negative trends 2012, Juhani Risku Ivalo, uusi Nokia architect

29th Feb 2012,  Juhani Risku, Inari Finland


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