Screen – Internet – Media – Operator businesses

February 21, 2012

Juhani Risku

Internet and media businesses under restructuring — …….  why only Apple and Google know it, Sony and News Corp. not?

Today´s media and ICT businesses has four dimensions: Screen & Internet & Media & Operator businesses SIMO or in other words TAIC  Technology – Access – Interest – Channel (SIMO-TAIC model PDF). TAIC model equals with SIMO model (Screen – Internet – Media – Operator). If a company dominates all dimensions like Apple or Google they´ll survive. If a company has only one dimension under control like Nokia = Screen, Facebook or Linkedin = Access, Disney or CBS = Interest, Vodafone = Channel, they need to join or form a holistic joint venture to survive.

New joint ventures in Screen & Internet & Media & Operator SIMO businesses can grow bigger and stronger than Apple, Google or Facebook. Also new joint ventures are more interesting and capable to create new solutions. An example: if you put together four players like Sony + Twitter + News Corp. + Vodafone you would have one of the strongest combinations for the next ten years. Samsung + Linkedin + Disney + Orange would also be an interesting combination and global footprint. You can read present Screen & Internet & Media & Operator business model in many ways:

  • Old media is in real trouble, they could challenge by acting as host and have head start in the joint venture (quickest ones choosing the strongest players). Old media may be the first mover in SIMO-TAIC.
  • Operators as channel parties are losing their power, operators may challenge or die. Channel part of TAIC model in the Utilities or pipeline dimension.
  • Nokia is in real trouble with only one screen without tablets, laptops, TVs and other appliances. Risku on Nokia. Nokia would be the easiest to help and quickest-to-profit company if they would restructure their leadership model immediately.
  • Microsoft is only a software company which means “back office” or “support system” work which is always replaceable (this is the reason for Microsoft to catch Nokia, Skype and later gain power over media companies). Software is diluting to clouds and bulk & open source offering.
  • Access companies are becoming stronger: first Google, then Amazon and Facebook, now Linkedin, later Twitter. If you own the access you own keys to the door or walled garden and that´s where people are.
  • Several screen (device, gadget) companies are astray or slaves like Sony, Samsung, RIM and Motorola. If they don´t find appropriate joint venture parties they drown. Nokia is a tragic example withering with Microsoft. Still Nokia-MS could succeed but only when they build a full TAIC-SIMO model. Now Nokia is the screen party, MS is only the back-office software party, so IMO dimensions are missing, and S dimension is only in its smallest grade, tiny little mobile screen only.
  • Media a.k.a. Interest business faces worst trouble: everything should be free and there is no future for stand-alone media/interest business. Media companies are the first ones to be concerned about their future and start immediate TAIC model execution. Today some media/interest companies are still big enough to invite the other parties to build future businesses. News Corp. is one of the smartest to understand this (James Murdoch and need for big change).
  • The most interesting thing is that nobody can help the companies. They think they have all the visions, strategies and talents to succeed. What the old school corporations have is an arrogant and pompous attitude.  The Risku Consortium has 60 global experts covering all dimensions of Screen & Internet & Media & Operator businesses.
  • To find a leader, CEO/CCO, for Screen & Internet & Media & Operator model is the most difficult thing. Present leaders and CEOs are either pompous and cocky wrinklies or blinkered simpletons guarding only their own dimension of the joint venture. Here we need new paradigm for leadership combining visions, diligence, boldness and strict execution. Once again there are some exemplars: Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Dean Kamen and James Dyson. I would invite some of them to the Board of directors. There are roughly 30 suitable competent and credible persons from 6,7 billion coevals, Risku Consortium has three candidates for competent executive leaders and 25 persons to leadership teams to execute the SIMO model.
  • Notice 1: only few companies have structured their operations according to SIMO model. Normally they try to play with the old model: grow bigger with any means necessary. There is an impressive list of losers: Sony, Nokia, Philips, Motorola… But Apple, Google and now Facebook try to strengthen their positions through applying SIMO coverage.
  • Notice 2: only one Screen & Internet & Media & Operator alliance is going to beat present SIMO leaders Apple and Google. There is no such thing as several SIMO winners because altogether three slightly different actors can dominate in very unstable and explosive truce and armistice.
  • New Research and Development areas emerge: 1) understandability, how data, knowledge, ideas and thoughts should be organized  2) usability according to understandability, like MIST UI created by Risku Consortium  3) visualization supporting understandability, totally new abstractions needed to support media and screen businesses, dynamic & gamification visualization paradigms to be applied   4) complexity management, structuring phenomena according to MIST UI. There is no such thing as simple, combine design thinking to engineering and drama, and build   5) systemic solutions which are the only viable and compelling prodvices (product-services).

Strongest Screen & Internet & Media & Operator alliances in the future, SNOOKII group

I would invite Sony, News Corp., Orange to Screen & Internet & Media & Operator and create a new Access party. Then we would have the best wall-to-wall screen-device-gadget brand Sony, the biggest media actor News Corp. and a strong but eager operator Orange. To this strongest combination I would invite Oracle to realize all software, cloud and networking assets. They would together create new paradigm for Access dimension with similarities with Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter but with totally new relation to customers. When adding Intel with its Meego as technology company to a TAIC alliance the future is at its best.

In this Sony+News+Orange+Oracle+Kodak+Intel+Internet Access combination each of the companies reach abstraction shift to their businesses:

  • Sony creates a systemic interaction component to all products. Sony also gets more digital content available, today´s small portion is just a burden.
  • News Corp. opens its enormous content & media asset directly to consumers´ minds through Sony´s appliances.
  • Orange grows bigger and rises its business abstraction from pipeline provider to channel provider.
  • Oracle widens its operations to software through databases, knowledge management, understandability and cloud services.
  • Kodak needs to be restructured. Kodak also has highest potential to be the next winner.
  • Intel puts software directly to hardware through Meego and chips. It means faster processing and optimized use of technologies.
  • The new Internet Access dimension, to be established by SNOOKI group, could be bought from small competitors of Facebook, Twitter etc.

So, the SIMO model winner is :
Sony + News Corp. + Orange + Oracle + Kodak + Intel + new Internet access company, the SNOOKII group.

SIMO model in detail

Here you find brief vocabulary for Screen & Internet & Media & Operator SIMO businesses.

So the businesses of four components/dimensions are (four different definitions of abstractions of the same thing):

  1. Screen & Internet & Media & Operator (SIMO)
  2. Technology & Access & Interest & Channel business (TAIC)
  3. Technology – Internet – Media – Operator model (TIMO)
  4. Gadget-Internet-Media-Operator business (GIMO)
  5. Formula 1 = [easy + pleasant] + [access] + [interests] + [channel]
  6. Formula 2 = [UI, usability] + [data sort/filter engine, search provider, walled-garden-door-key] + [content, people, ideas, literature, music, films, media companies] + [operators, cable/satellite companies].

Explanation in detail:

T = Technology = Screen = Gadget = [easy + pleasant] = [iconic instrument, UI, usability]
A = Access = Internet oases = [access logic] = [data sort/filter engine, search provider + relevant search result, walled-garden-door-key]
I  = Interest = Media = [content, people, ideas, news, blogs, opinions, literature, music, films, media companies]
C = Channel = [operators, cable/satellite companies] = [channel/medium/highway] .

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