Big changes in Screen — Internet — Media — Operator businesses

February 20, 2012

Juhani Risku

What´s happening in mobile media industry?

Microsoft got Nokia for free, with zero dollars. HP got Palm and Meego and lost its focus. Sony kicks Ericsson out. Amazon adopts Android. Google takes Motorola. Samsung is strong but adrift. Apple rules through its systemic solution in products, services and content covering screens, Internet, media and operators.

Media, technology, Internet and operator businesses are facing  fundamental restructuring in organizing their dependencies. Here some examples:


1. Amazon + Kindle + Android going towards TAIC-SIMO businesses.

Result: Nearly follows Apple model; needs Access dimension; Operators love Amazon; Amazon gets easily Tech & SW partners; Amazon has Bezos as CCO.

But:  Amazon needs more media and wider Internet Access, more Screens and better Technology support

Solution: Amazon to build consortium with old media, technology, SW and establish new and wider Internet Access.


2. Sony+phones going towards TAIC-SIMO model.

Result: Nearly follows Apple model; needs Access dimension; Operators love Sony brand; Sony gets easily Tech & SW partners

But:  Sony  is  missing CCO, vision and leadership

Solution: Start from CCO, success follows.


3. Microsoft + Nokia + Skype towards TAIC-SIMO

But: Operator dimension is threathened; Skype is only technical Access, real Web access missing; No media dimension; MS & Nokia are harmful brands; Intel´s revenge is coming, competitors are very aggressive; hostile atmosphere around MS-Nokia; All reservoirs hate MS-Nokia, Media hates MS-Nokia.


4. HP + Palm + Meego towards TAIC-SIMO

What´s up: Big picture problem; disastrous leadership; Media, Access and Operator dimensions missing

Result: Palm adrift; HP restructure, Meego left alone.


5. Ideal TAIC-SIMO Consortium SNOOKII

This is the winner: Sony + News + Orange + Oracle + Kodak + Intel + Internet Access (new) SNOOKII.

Vision: SNOOKII group has widest overlap, best brands and challenger roles; New Access dimension to be established, don´t buy any of present Access companies, create a new one; Operational readiness in 6 months; strong CCO needed with absolute mandate; SNOOKII needs MIST UI


Charts above show some new consortiums and one big HP disaster. Amazon opens TAIC-SIMO business war by presenting Kindle Fire and collaboration with Google´s Android. Amazon is one of the most stable Internet Access companies but they need wider footprint to Internet services than books only. Amazon´s next move has to be towards news, films, videos and User Created/Generated Content UCC/UGC.

Sony is coming back to business. Ericsson can keep their networks and clouds but gadgets are Sony´s. Chart 5 shows Sony´s real strength: acting in three differnt dimensions makes Sony a strong host for TAIC-SIMO model consortium.

As Udayan Banerjee writes in his blog Do you see a pattern about mobile media and technology patterns, he really means that there is a clear focus and process to sustain in the businesses.

October, 12th 2011

Juhani Risku